Residential/Comercial Real Estate

Get your listing sold faster with Aerial Photography and Videography!

SkyPix has been working with agents/brokers for years now, we have developed the best ways to advertise a property using aerial photos and videos to help sell your listing quicker!


Adding aerial views to your wedding album allows everyone to see your special day from a new perspective. We will work with your photographer to work aerials into your wedding!

Community Shots

When listing a property in a neighborhood, you need to showcase the area. Aerial photos are an amazing way to show the great features of a community.


Eliminate the risk of falling off a roof for an inspection, when it can be done using aerial photos! No more 30+ foot ladders!


Add another view to your construction project, we can do aerial mapping, time lapse of a project, and many more things!


We also offer services for many other industries that aren’t listed above. Including but not limited to: golf courses, music videos, commercials, movie production, etc.